Permanent Makeup



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Microblading or Nano Brows is a style of Permanent Makeup that will give you the most natural looking brows. Whether you have no hair, some hair, if you want a natural look, this is the look you want.

Ombre Brows


Ombre/Powder Brows are a style of Permanent Makeup that is done by use of a permanent makeup tattoo machine. This technique differs greatly from Microblading as you can get a much more bold and makeup look. This style and technique will also last you much longer than traditional Microblading.

Lash Enhancement


A Lash enhancement is perfect if you just want a little bit of eyeliner to enhance your eyes and make them pop! Right through the lash line, can also give the appearance of denser lashes.

Perfect for every day wear, you’ll never have to worry about your liner smearing.

Top Eyeliner


Top eyeliner is perfect if you’re tired of your eyeliner smearing on you, or if you struggle to get that perfect wing.

Waterproof and smudgeproof, we can give you flawless eyeliner that can last you 5+ years before needing a touch up.

Lip Blushing


Lip Blushing is the latest technique for getting more youthful, fuller, and more defined looking lips without any fillers and that are no maintenance!

We can give your lips a nice tint where you can gloss and go, or we can give you a more lipstick look. Don’t worry if you like to change up your lip color, you can wear any topical lipstick without color being affected!

Touch Ups

4-6 Week Touch Up - $100
Additional Touch Ups - $200


Freckles - $150
Beauty Mark - $50Ea.

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